I will work with you to identify your needs, goals and objectives, what the financial requirements are for these and how to prioritise them.



Critical to achieving your goals is the understanding and management of your complete cashflow position across salaried, business and investment income along with capital inflows and expenditure.



We will identify your situation, determine the appropriate strategic asset allocation and construct a tailored investment portfolio accordingly taking into account your liquidity requirements and the tax structures available to you.



Is your superannuation fund the most appropriate for you? Is its fee structure competitive, investment performance satisfactory or are you better off elsewhere? Do you need an SMSF or should you wind up your SMSF? Do you have a government defined benefit fund that requires expert knowledge to provide the right advice? I can give expert guidance in all these areas.


Structuring and tax planning

Considered tax structuring and asset protection is critical for professionals and business owners who are exposed to high personal marginal tax rates, litigation and potential creditors.


Debt management

Are your current debts structured in an effective manner? I will work with you to help manage your debt whether it is for your home mortgage, business, car or other assets. We will prioritise the elimination of bad debt (non-deductible debt such as credit cards, home mortgage etc) and taking advantage of good debt (investment and business borrowings) where appropriate.


Wealth Creation

I can provide advice on ways to create wealth including options outside of the superannuation environment.


Life Insurance

I can create a tailored package of life, TPD, trauma, income protection insurance to match the needs of you, your family and your business.



A key long-term concern of many clients is their ultimate ability to retire and maintain their standard of living. The retirement modelling service is designed to address these concerns and provide guidance on when you can afford to retire, how long your money will last and what assets will likely pass to your estate.


Estate Planning

I will advise on structuring assets to ensure they are passed to your intended beneficiaries in a tax effective way. I will work with your legal advisers, or a lawyer recommended to you by myself, to ensure you have up to date wills, powers of attorney and other estate planning documentation.



Are you facing a redundancy or considering taking a redundancy offer? Whether voluntary or involuntary a redundancy is likely to have a major bearing on your financial future. Seeking advice on a redundancy is essential to understanding how long your money may last, what income support payments you may receive, what potential tax implications there are and what strategies are available to manage your long-term income requirements and superannuation.



As part of any advice I will consider where appropriate and eligible maximising your entitlements to Centrelink or Department of Veterans Affairs benefits such as the Age Pension or Service Pension along with other concessional benefits.


Killara Wealth 5 Stars on Advisor Ratings


Andrew, 46 - 55 years, Waverley, NSW

"I am a partner in a legal practice that was undergoing a restructure. I engaged Tony to help me understand what this meant for my cash-flow, tax position as well as the implications for my family trust and superannuation. At the same time, my partner and I were starting a family and we wanted to make sure insurance was in place to protect our future and that of our child. Tony took the time..."

Jocelyn, 65+ years, Spence, ACT

"Tony has given me advice in areas including retirement and superannuation. Tony was able to explain things in a clear manner that made decision making easier. Through Tony's knowledge and experience I felt confident that the advice given was right for my needs. Tony was prompt in responding to my enquiries and gave me his attention when I needed it."

Kerry, 35 - 45 years, Roseville, NSW 35-45 Years Old

"Tony gave me great advice on insurance products suited to my circumstances, as well as assisting me to get the most out of my super contributions. 10/10, would recommend."

George, 65+ years, Belconnen, ACT

"My wife and I met Tony in 2014 while seeking financial advice related to our non-government and government supers, as part of long-term preparations for our retirements. Due to Tony’s excellent professional advice (which, being professionals, we highly appreciated) since then, we have followed Tony through his career path for the past six years. The spectrum of advice sought has incr..."

Karen, 56 - 65 years, Springwood, NSW

"I was concerned about the decisions I needed to make retiring after 40+ years in the workforce. I found Tony to be pleasant, interested, approachable and very knowledgeable about investments, taxation, superannuation and risk. He was not "pushy" and presented the information and options to me in a concise and logical way. Option were well researched and risks explained clearly. Tony's aft.."

Trent, 35 - 45 years, Stones Corner, QLD

"I wanted to establish some share investments for excess cash I was holding. Tony explained to me a range of options available. He was excellent at breaking down the pros and cons of different strategies, including tax considerations and market risks. I ended investing in a low-cost portfolio of managed funds that are easy to manage for me and I am very happy with the outcome. Tony was a..."

Isabel under 35 years, Carlton, VIC

"Tony is the first financial adviser I’ve had and he has been so helpful and patient. He has explained everything to me so clearly that I feel confident to trust in the plans and advice he has given me. He consistently made himself available to answer any questions I had."

Peter, 46 - 55 years, Farrer, ACT

"Tony has given us advice in areas including retirement, investment and estate planning. Tony was always able to explain things to us in a clear way. Through Tony's knowledge and experience, we feel confident that the advice given was right for my needs. Tony was responsive, courteous and helpful."

Don, 56 - 65 years, Bethany, SA

"I was with the Australian Federal Police for 34 years and was a member of the Commonwealth Superannuation Scheme (CSS). I recently needed some complex calculations performed to determine my CSS benefits comparing age retirement to redundancy. Tony was able to provide me with this analysis taking into account historical and future payments along with a detailed explanation of the methodologies used. If you require sophisticated calculations of your CSS benefits, talk to Tony."

Vl, 35 - 45 years, Perth, WA

"I was recently promoted to Partner at my law firm. I engaged Tony to put together a strategy to help me save for my future goals including a house as well as maximise the tax benefits I could achieve from superannuation and the first home super saver scheme. Tony provided me with a comprehensive financial plan covering my life and income protection insurance needs, superannuation, family trust investments and employee share plan. He also provided me with a detailed cashflow, tax and capital projections that we can use to track progress towards achieving my goals. If you’re a lawyer who needs financial advice I recommend meeting with Tony."

Sue, 56 - 65 years, Concord West, NSW

"Tony was very helpful with my retirement planning needs, advising me on my superannuation and providing me with detailed scenario options to help me decide what would work best for me transitioning into retirement."

To arrange a complimentary 15 minute discussion on how I can help you secure and manage your financial future please, contact me.

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