I have been a strong proponent for fee for service financial advice for the last 20 years. Being fee for service means I’m there to work in your best interests and preserve a genuine fiduciary relationship with you at all times. You can be assured I’m sitting at your side of the table when it comes to recommending investments and other products. 

I do not charge asset-based fees on the amount of money you invest. Asset based fees may be considered conflicted remuneration where they influence an adviser to recommend a product or strategy that may not be in the best interest of their client. For example, charging a fee on funds recommended to be invested, rather than using other potentially more appropriate strategies such as repaying non-deductible debt or purchasing a property.



When I refer clients to other professionals, for additional assistance for example legal or accountancy services, I will refer you to the best-in-practice professionals for your needs. I do not have any financial arrangements for referrals with any professionals nor do I pay for client referrals.


To arrange a complimentary 15 minute discussion on how I can help you secure and manage your financial future please, contact me.

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